Resources for Entrepreneurs

“I wanted to thank both of you for the insight and sage advice passed along in April.  Since the seminar, we’ve changed and tweaked our practices until we are now consistently in “model”.  The first 6 months of this year we averaged 5% operating income.  Since rolling out the “model” and making the hard decision of cutting unnecessary payroll, (the hardest piece to implement) we have run OI’s of 15%.  It is extremely useful to view or company in the same light as our competitors.  It has made a huge difference and I have both of you to thank.”
Sheldon Michaels
Southern Office Machines

“For the past five years, Applied Imaging has used the recruiting and hiring techniques taught in Strategic Business Associates’ (SBA) Hiring Conference.  All of our managers have been trained in the processes.  In addition, we have incorporated SBA’s behavioral profiling tool to help identify the characteristics that are necessary for a candidate’s success.  As a result, our management team has developed the skills and the knowledge to more effectively determine if we have the right person for the job during the selection process.  Managers now approach the task of hiring with confidence.  Hiring mistakes are expensive and time consuming.  The SBA Hiring Conference has saved us both time and money.  It has also helped us build a strong team of dedicated people who can more effectively serve our clients.”

John Konynenbelt

Vice President

Applied Imaging Systems